Until the Future

Hello, Interwebs

My name is Luke, pleased to meet you.  Have a cup of coffee and read some of my random scribblings here on my blog.

It is infrequently updated, and most things have a tongue in cheek element to them.  Just to give you an idea, this is someone who has read every Terry Pratchett book in existence.

As a committed rationalist, I try to believe (and convince people of) true things.  You’d be surprised, not everyone does this.  Oddly, some people have the idea that rationalism is opposed to evidence, but that’s a sort of archaic and questionable use of the term (like saying libertarians are primarily believers in free will).  Language has evolved a bit, and today’s rationalists are usually inclined to pursue rationality, not rationalization (which is basically the opposite).

In addition, you’ll probably notice a very much transhumanist theme here.  That’s like humanism, but with extra emphasis on progress, tech progress especially.  We like to imagine a future with no death and lots of enhancements (cybernetic, for example).  Cryonics is another good example (both as a current day practice that can reduce the chance of being permanently dead, and as something to work on improving).

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